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The company provides high-quality consultancy services in policy research and advocacy studies; sample survey designs and census, questionnaire design, sampling and listing, field planning & implementation, marketing research, data management, baselines, monitoring and evaluation, environmental and social impact assessments, analysis & report writing and preparation of research & analytical reports, and situation analysis in financial, economic and social sectors. Bigpot is also engaged in the provision of services and trained professionals, non-professionals and building maintenance /up-keep staff to donors, UN Agencies (UNGM Number: 708924) and UNDP Bidder ID:  0000112208.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

We are experts in the design and execution of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) studies, and the conduction of social risk and settlement management process to International standards (such as U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), International Finance Corporation (IFC), and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). We are highly skilled at preparing Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs), Resettlement Action Plans, and related safeguards instruments, and at conducting environmental, social and quality audits.

Policy Research & Advocacy Studies

We conduct Thorough policy research and advocacy studies, providing valuable insights and recommendations to clients navigating complex regulatory landscapes and advocating for meaningful change.

Field Planning & Implementation

With expertise in field planning and implementation. Bigpot Consulting executes projects seamlessly, ensuring efficient resource allocation and timely delivery of results to meet client objectives.

Baseline Studies & Monitoring Evaluation

Conducting baseline studies and robust monitoring and evaluation processes to assess project effectiveness and impact, providing clients with valuable feedback for ongoing and future initiatives.

Capacity Building & Training

Customized capacity building programs and training sessions to empower organizations and individuals, fostering skills development and knowledge sharing.

Survey Designs & Census

Specialized in in sample survey designs and census methodologies, Bigpot Consulting ensures accurate data collection and analysis, offering clients actionable insights to inform strategic decision-making processes.

Marketing Research & Data Management

Bigpot Consulting conducts in-depth marketing research and provides data management solutions, equipping clients with the tools and information needed to drive successful marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Environmental & Social Impact Assessments (ESIA)

Thorough assessments of environmental and social impacts to ensure sustainable and responsible project implementation, adhering to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Provision of Trained Professionals and Support Staff

Engagement in the provision of services and trained professionals, non-professionals, and building maintenance/upkeep staff to donors, UN Agencies, and other organizations. Our staff are equipped with the necessary expertise and skills to meet the diverse needs of our clients, contributing to the success of their projects and initiatives.

Questionnaire Design & Sampling

Bigpot Consulting designs comprehensive questionnaires and implements robust sampling methodologies, enabling clients to gather relevant data and gain valuable insights into target demographics and market trends.

Analysis & Report Writing

We support our clients with data analysis and the delivery of quality reports that distil complex information into actionable insights, empowering our clients to make informed decisions.

Situation Analysis in Financial, Economic & Social Sectors

Providing comprehensive situation analysis in financial, economic, and social sectors to support informed decision-making and strategic planning processes.

Development Consulting Services

Provision of development consulting services encompassing policy analysis, proposal development, projects management, baselines, project reviews and evaluations, specialized assessments in various fields including agriculture and rural development, climate change, environment and natural resources management, disaster risk management, social and community development, and human rights and governance.

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Makungula Village
Airwing, Along Zomba-Jali Road
Zomba, Malawi.
P.O. Box 30431
Capital City, Lilongwe 3, Malawi

+265 888 308 074

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